Thursday, May 9, 2013

Be healthy with Shaklee

Assalamualaikum readers!

Ini iklan untuk my dearly sister Aqilah. Hehe. She's now a Shaklee's distributor. So if interested, pay a visit to her site!

I'm consuming Shaklee too. Since last year lagi. Sebelum ni bought from a friend. Now bolehlah tolong my sister buat tabung honeymoon pulak. haha.

These are original photos. Those are her ebm and that is lil Iman, her son.

How to contact her? You can just call/sms/whatsapp her.
Photos taken from her fb page..

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Birthdays Celebration Getaway

Malas nak cerita. Haha. Tapi kesimpulannya me and hubby datang sini nak celebrate our birthdays (7 days apart from each other's) la kononnya. Hehe. Di samping pergi my bff's wedding kat Seremban this afternoon. Motif utama memilih Grand Lexis PD - private pool. Nak berendam menyejukkan hati. Haha. Ehem!

Enjoy some photos!

The room.
We booked for Deluxe Pool, but we got Executive one instead. hehe.
5 courses dinner at the hotel.
I love all of 'em!
Ready for dinner. Dress by Poplook. Bracelet by Lovisa. Shawl from Jln TAR.
Buat perangai. Sebab tak nak rasa rugi dapat katil besar tak pakai,
so katil kanan pakai utk bermain2 dengan gadgets,
katil kiri tu buat tdo. Muahahaha.
And just look at those free refreshments! So...Umphh! Haha.
Thank you syg for all these.
Despite your annoying-looking faces you make all the time,