Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Gonna be my bestfriend after this

Goodie bag for today's meeting

Today I had my first staff meeting for 2009. The programs were a 'little' taklimat..and another taklimat..and another taklimat..wahaha..Okay2..The first one was from pentadbir. The second one for evening session teachers regarding the Orientation Day for Form 1 on Saturday, Jan 3rd. And the last one was meeting with panitia masing2. But which panitia am I in? Tadaa.......

I'm gonna teach these....
- Pendidikan Islam Form 1 - 3 classes combined
- Pendidikan Islam Form 2 - 6 classes (2 groups, 3 classes each)
- BM Form 1 - 1 class (my own class)
- Sejarah Form 1 - 1 class (also the class of my own)
[I'm the most adequate teacher to be the form teacher for that particular class because I teach them 3 subjects! Pergh!]

What else that had been assigned to me?
- Form teacher for 1Efektif (5th class from 13 tau! haha)
- Pen. S.U for jawatankuasa Dewan (I love that post! huhu..seriously!)
- AJK SPBT (Still remember what SPBT stands for? haha..skim pinjaman buku teks!)

And do you realize something by reading my list of subjects?
I'm gonna be an USTAZAH la..huhu..

Actually I was kinda shocked coz I'd been given Pend. Islam as my 'major' subject of teaching. As far as I'm concern, ONLY those with Sijil Agama that CAN teach that subject. The schools that I went to before this, all were having problems about filling the emptiness of panitia agama. Neither guru ganti nor guru sandaran can fulfil that. Even during posting, guru2 agama are being separated from other teachers from the beginning because that panitia is put under Jabatan Pend. Islam.

Now, can anybody please explain..macam mane I boleh 'terlepas' mengajar PI. But to be honest, I was happy that I got the subject though. haha. Daripada ajar sejarah banyak2 baikla PI. I'm thinking about doing Diploma and Master in Pengajian Islam la pulak..

So NAD..what about that? haha. 'budak kisas' huh.. =P
'budak uia'..'to the left, to the left'...gimme way darl..!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Questions vs Answers

This has been forwarded to my email..answering to these is kinda fun..

My ex is....erm actually 'are'..hahaha (sorry)

I'm listening to....Feel This by Bethany Joy Galeotti

My bestfriend car!

I don't understand....why are there too many people keep asking when I'm getting married. C'mon, I'm 23 for God sake!

My birthday is on....May 2nd

Love is....indefinable (at least by me..hihi)

Somewhere, someone is....sleeping. (What??) It's 4.45 p.m..Possible isn't it? huhu

I will always....tidy up my room. (Seriously!)

I get annoyed when....people keep doing things I hate..and yet, they knew it! (already)

Kisses are the best're with the right person and at the RIGHT TIME. =)

Today I....pissed off!!

Tomorrow I....have a staff meeting at school.

I'll never friends, and even my enemies. haha.

I want to go to....NEW YORK CITY...Owh God..Please bring me there.

::Laughter and Cries::

Tau la terror bi tapi..takkan tak fasih and tak
bermakne bm ko Da!!! haha.. Malu aku.. ;P

Dewan Terbuka SEJAYA - PMR 2008

Today is the day for the PMR 2008 results announcement. If I were the one who'll be taking the results today I guess I couldn't sleep last night. But guess what, it was 10.30 a.m and my sister were still sleeping! Tremendously comfortable in her bed. Huhu. What a girl!

My mum woke her up and at around 11.20 a.m, we were in the school compound. SEJAYA KL, the school where I used to teach while waiting for the posting. Some looked sad and most of them looked happy. (Surprisingly!) Haha..I could say that most of them just came to see their watch around..and also to 'cari pasal dengan org yang lalu lalang'..hihi..
There were still a few (or maybe a lot) students that came with their textbooks. Haha..baru la pandai nak gather the books and return kan! Padan muke.. Time suruh pulang tak pulang. Bile dah kene tahan results baru terhegeh-hegeh. Pulak tu datang dengan muke berlagak bawak buku2 tu.
When I saw this, it reminds me of last year PMR students. The same school, I was helping the SPBT teachers during my induction. One of student came and complained about why couldn't he receive his PMR results just because not returning the books. (Hello cik abg, buku2 tu hak kerajaan, don't you get it????) After the explanation from the teacher (who spoke so nicely and softly) the student said " yang menyampah ni..menyusahkan betul la!" with a very loud and harshly voice. So I asked him "ape bagus sangat ke results awak sampai tak sabar2 nak ambik?" Haha. Guess what, I've got two thumbs up from the teachers. =)
Back to the topic. My sister isn't doing very well. But I knew she'd tried her best during the exams. And all of us in the family (including herself) knew that she's very capable in English and that's her strength. (and of course she get an A for the subject..haha) So no matter how many A's you've got, the bigger world is still out there..offering a lot more. I did very well in school, but I turned out to be 'just okay' in Uni. (but still 3 pointers okay..wink2!) My kakngah didn't perform well in school but turned out to be extremely great in college. So what does that tell us? Masing-masing ade rezeki masing-masing. =)

p/s: owh untuk yg nak tau (especially ex-sejaya kn) there are 16 students yg dapat straight A's.
Either 9 or 8 la.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Trying so hard


Honestly..I'm not good at this. Not the putting-my-feelings-into-words part, (trust me, i'm REALLY GOOD at that one..haha) but the letting-people-in part. Seriously, i just let a few people in because i don't trust people that much. I just can't. But as my bestest friend convince me about how-good-this-thing-will-work..then i'd give it a try though. So nad, remind me again, why am i doing this?? haha =)


As for today, nothing. I just stayed home..insanely boring..had some "fight" with my boyfriend and as usual thinking about my life. Spot my weakness there??? U-huh..I ALWAYS wasting my time thinking..Am I following the right path?? Am I doing the right thing? Did I make the right decision? What if I didn't do that at that time? Where my life will bring me next? But guess what..FINALLY..I'd stumble upon this idea..Do not look back and grieve over the past, for it is gone; and do not be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering. =)