Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nangis, PERLU ke??

Biasa kan kita dengar/guna ayat ni pada budak-budak kecik:
"Dah2 jangan nangis, sendiri jatuh takde sape buat pun"

Kalau saya jadi budak kecik tu saya akan cakap:
"Sebab takde sape buat la kena nangis. Kalau ade orang buat saya pukul je orang tu" (^_^)

Itu lah yang saya buat bila dah 'tua' ni. Kalau tension tak bersebab or sendiri buat salah WAJIB menangis. Itu solution terakhir. [Selagi boleh marah orang saya akan buat supaya lepas tu tak tension tapi surely la orang tu memang layak kena marah] Lepas menangis (ehem..macam orang gila) sure akan okay balik. So kalau saya nangis biarkan aje. Jangan CAKAP apa-apa pun. Kalau tak memang nak cari pasal. I just NEED YOU to be there WITHOUT saying any single WORD. Gedik.

p/s : [Dah lama tak buat p/s..haha] Entry ini tidak ditulis berdasarkan apa-apa isu saya menangis. Situasi hanis-jatuh-menangis-dan-kena-bebel-dek-mama-guna-ayat-di atas yang menyebabkan entry ini ditulis. Hanis dah tidur. =P

Tolong Ingatkan Aku


Friday, November 26, 2010


Budak2 SPM..Ingat korang je ke tengah pulun? haha~

Saya ada exam..
..esok (27/11) - Statistic
..Isnin (29/11) - Science Curriculum
..4 Dec - Research Method

Doakan saya dapat lalui exam dengan tenang. Thank You. Sayyyaang korang! ^_^

Sunday, November 21, 2010


*Lamanya tak menulis..Tak ada ilham. Hehe. So today I'm gonna write about thing we always do. No?

If you are my bestfriends or close friends then you surely knew that I'm a control freak. I keep everything organized and I wish that everything falls smoothly according to so-called my detailed plans. (Of course things got messed up a few times)

But there was one time (the most-FREAKING-AWFUL-thing-ever) happened to me. I accidentally misread (what the..) date for an interview (for posting). If you knew me good enough you'd say "unbelievable". I couldn't believe it myself. I read the date a zillion times. How could I switched 4 and 5?? I called a friend of mine telling how stupid I was and he said "Aku tak pelik sangat benda camni jadi tapi kat kau?? Kau salah tarikh? Kau la manusia paling detail, fussy, particular ever! Kau kenapa??" Haha. I took that as a compliment! =P

But I managed anyways. I was lucky that I was a scholarship holder and my CGPA enabled me to bypass the interview. I just had to sit for the test. Phew. [But of course I cried like a crazy woman the night before because I freaked out. I even bought an mc so that I could show them if they asked why I didn't come the day I supposed to. See - control freak lagi. huhu]

It's a good thing you have plans. But make sure you are preparing for the worst. And even if you don't, you have to keep in mind - we plan, but Allah makes it happen, and He ALWAYS got the best plan for us.

But no matter how organized I am, I'm still a human and my point is, people make mistakes. Don't you?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fun no more

I used to enjoy driving while I was young. Ouch!! Macam tua sangat! I mean..while I was studying in Penang. I couldn't wait to jump into my car and drive all the way to Penang. There were a few times I drove alone, but most of time, Intan & Zima accompanied me. We were singing, talking & eating throughout the journey and there we were..USM! 4 hours drive was nothing! haha. But now..Oh My God I hate driving! I stopped lovin it since I started working. Driving = no fun. But I LOVE my car very much. hehe.

Apart from driving, I'm still the EXACT same person as I used to be. I still love reading, singing, eating, shopping, watching movies, talking (err...), and so many more......

p/s : Just in case you haven't see me in a LONG time, I'm still the same person you used to know. =)