Friday, January 30, 2009

::Counting Days::

for what??


balik ke sekolah dan berhadapan dengan timetable baru..

budak2 baru..especially 2J yang sangat menakutkan..

Thursday, January 29, 2009

::Reasons why I'd chose to live alone::

When people knew that I live in Shah Alam while family's JUST in KL, people usually got confused..yeah..since i'm not teaching in S.A pn..Sunway tu fr kL pn dkt. haha. I've my own reason alright.

1. I started to live in hostels since I was 13. Until 23 when I finished my studies. So I guess I just get used to it. Living alone.

2. Living at home with my family just SO comfortable..having everyone in the house..and it just feel like vacation. haha. So now that I'm working (it's a serious matter) I can't 'having vacation' all the time. Too safe.

3. I need to learn about life. Paying my own bills. Cleaning my own house. Cooking my own meals! haha. Itu part yang paling penting. I cook okay, but my problem is I don't like sharing kitchen so if I stayed at home, SURELY my mum will do all the cooking. Perananku cuma yang kecil-kecil aje. huhu. potong memotong dan kacau mengacau. Sampai bila betul tak?? So that I chose to 'emancipate'..hihi.. [Okay this was the problem..I'm surrounded by people that ALWAYS think that 'tak pandai masak tak boleh kawin' it freaked the hell out of me...that's why I cook all the time in S.A..besides the fact that I love to eat! ngengenge]

4. Last but not least..I just need my own space..that's all. =)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

::nak tengok wayang!!!!!::

The last movie that I watched....erm..erm..God! I hardly remember..seriously..what was is???? jap2..erm..yeah! WAYANG. huh..Thank God I'm not crazy yet..I watched it with my sister. (She's a die-hard-fan of Zulhuzaimi.. =P) After that no more. Why? I was too busy jadi guru ganti.

And now I missed TGV..huhu..please la weh..anybody bring me there! My kakngah's too busy nursing at Tawakal. She's the only one cinema-partner that I've got. besides Nad..who's apparently not HERE..Blk la kL Nad oi..huhu.

Anyway, what's the latest movie?? hahah.. erm..I'm planning to watch MAUT..The promo sounds interesting especially when I heard Que Haidar's dialogue "Quran tu sape tulis?!" Huhu. Any other interesting movies coming out?? Let me know.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Suddenly I missed all these girls..Masz,Intan,Sara,Anim & Zima. Who are they? They're my bestfriends in campus back then.

I don't exactly remember how we met. Erm..Zima was my schoolmate (KISAS), so she was the first one I knew. (We were not friends in KISAS..haha..She said I was sombong!) Then came Masz. She was Faizah's friend. (Who's Faizah? haha..she was Zima's roommate) While Masz,Anim and Sara already knew each other. Anim and Intan pulak was roommates during orientation week. (and diorang melekat sampai practical in Taiping!) So since Masz,Anim,Intan and myself were majoring the same thing (Chemistry) so we always had classes together. So did Sara and Zima since they were both majoring in Maths. So we got close since then.

Let me describe each and every one of them..erm..

-Masz is (because she still is) the closest to me. We've the same ideas of what and where to shop and eat. We even have the same 'taste' in guys. ngengengenge. She's a good listener,pandai urut ;) and GILE!

-Intan was my balik-kL mate. She's HAPPY GO LUCKY..hardly saw sadness in her. Very bersopan santun person..haha..She uses names when talk with people. Tapi kereta die ganasssss..huhu =P

-Anim...erm...When we sat together,there will be SILENCE. huhu..What I can say bout her is she cute..has an actively moving brain too. ;)

-Sara was my King Edward mate during practical. She's TALKATIVE! haha. getting married in March. Hampeh ko tinggalkan aku..Takpe2..Kite dh jnji, if aku tak start, aku akan jd penutup. huhuhu........... Zima has her own mood..she had a lot of cat-fight with tau!!

We did SO MANY stuff together. Good and the bad ones. haha. Not bad like BAD..we were just enjoying every moments in our campus-life. We went to the library together..Eat together..Picnic and shopping together..We even ponteng kelas together! haha.. Sometimes when we were separated, people around (especially our coursemates) would ask, "mane yg lain?"..haha..c'mon la..we still got our own stuff to take care of. huhu.

Sara,Anim and Intan were my housemates in Matang during our practical. And most of the time Masz were there too! haha. (I know u missed me =P) There were weekends where Zima came by and we had the girls night outs..also a little picnic at a waterfall. So that was the last moments that we were really BE TOGETHER. God I missed those moments!

So bestfriends...Where in the world are you now???? How does life treating you? When's our next meeting? huhu..My point is..I MISS US.. =(

Monday, January 26, 2009


This morning I went to Jalan TAR..alone..gile boring! My mission is to buy a few more books..since I've 1 more extra subject-Pendidikan Seni Visual Tingkatan 2.

Huhu......How am I gonna teach this subject..????
[Psst Nad, If seni suara I'm totally fine and great at that one..but seni yang on papers ni..
LOMAH la sket!!!]

About this particular book that I'm reading, (Yes, I still am) "Laskar Pelangi"..
It's a story about teachers and students. But my personal review about the book..
Not as GREAT as Ayat-ayat Cinta and Ketika Cinta Bertasbih..I don't know..maybe because of the theme..or the style of presenting the story. Macam banyak sangat menyimpang kat cerita-cerita sampingan.

Okay Nad..that review's for you. =)

p/s: what about PGL?? Jadi ke tak?? Ko tak reti2 ke nk hiburkan hati bestfriend ko yang tgh gundah gulana nih????

Sunday, January 25, 2009

::From me::

For YOU:

Setiba di persimpangan
Langkah kita tak lagi sehaluan
Bermula di saat itu
Tidak senada irama dan lagu

Begitu hidup ini
Tiada yang abadi
Yang patah tumbuh
Yang hilang berganti

Kau telah jauh, jauh dariku
Tiada ruang di hati buatmu
Namun harusku akui
Ada ketika di minda kau menjelma kembali

Sekali sekala ada
Ada rindu yang datang tiba2
Tak mungkin kerana sayang
Cuma terganggu oleh perasaan

10 things that WILL make me happy =)

okay Nad..these are MY 10 things..

1. GOD
pray and mengaji..will make me calm, relax and happy

mama & abah..whatever happen, i know they'll always be there for me

3. my Siblings
kakngah who always be my shopping-partner,
huda & yam who are too crazy to get angry with,
hanis who's my teman-gaduh,
aid & usop as the extras..haha.
Although they are sometimes annoying..huhu..but, whatever..
they are my "air-yang-dicincang-takkan-putus"


(a) Nad who'd been my backbone through any kinda situation

(b) especially Masz - we had GREW UP together in Penang.
Did so many crazy things out there. haha.

5. my Job
teaching profession. I'm lovin' it! How tough it will always make me happy

6. my Students

(a) 1A,1B,1E,2C,2D and 2J 2009..SMK Bandar Sunway..
they are my first-official-students..
most of the time they put a lot of stress on me.
but teaching and knowing them are the best things ever happen in my life.
and thinking about them will make me smile. =)

(b) 1Lambda, 1Delta and 2Beta 2008..SMK King Edward..
my first-unofficial-practical-students.
These BOYS made me crazy.
But now that they still remember me, I'm happy to be their teacher once.

(c) 1Cekal, 1A3, 1A5 and 4Cekal 2008..SMK Segambut Jaya..

7. Music
listening to beautiful songs make me feel alive

8. Food
haha..i eat when I stress out

9. NEAT and nice House
rumahku syurgaku kn?? huhu. I love decorating and cleaning my house..

stress-relieved activities

10. Shopping
owh my God..this one SURELY makes me happy! haha

All right, those are my 10 fav things at THIS moment. Realized what's missing there? Yup..that one just makes me miserable right don't bother to include THAT in my list.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

::New Timetable::

I started to love my life and my profession when i was given a brand new timetable. Uwaa!!!!!! They took out my 12 period of Pend. Islam and gave me 3 classes of Pend. Seni and another Sejarah class instead! What the ..... ???!!!!

Penyelia Petang, Pn Irene even said "ini cikgu yang attitude nye sangat baik, terima saja apa subjek pun" while she handed the new timetable to me. [dalam hati aku berkata-kata, is there any options for me NOT TO ACCEPT the timetable?? Exactly, NO.]

So now I'm officially have identity NO MORE. The thing is, I have to teach 2J, which was previously failed-to-teach-agama class. After this class had been separated from 2I, I could teach 2I without any problem, showing that 2J was the source of problem. But now I have to teach Pend. Seni to 2J..Owh God, help me out.

Conclusion, now I'm gonna teach 4 subjects - BM, Agama, Seni and Sejarah. Automatically entitled me 'guru berdedikasi' there. Whatever!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

::Karangan anak muridku::


Tajuk : Hari Pertama di Sekolah Menengah

Hari ini hari pertama aku ke sekolah menengah, iaitu SMK Bandar Sunway. Aku dan rakan-rakanku sungguh gembira berada di sekolah menengah. Aku dan rakan-rakan berkenalan dengan rakan-rakan dan guru-guru yang lain. Aku dan rakan-rakan aku juga perkenalkan diri masing-masing di dalam kelas.
Aku dan rakan-rakan yang lain kelas yang berbeza. Aku berada di kelas 1Efektif. Guru kelas 1Efektif sungguh cantik, baik dan tegas yang bernama Cik Atiqah binti Abdul Rahim. Dia mengajar Bahasa Melayu dan Sejarah. Guru yang lain juga begitu tegas dengan murid-murid yang lain.

hahahahahahaha....sampai situ je nak share...ngengengenge...........
nak tunjuk betapa bestnya jadi cikgu. haha..
takde lah, budak tu nak bodek aku je.
Cuma yang part 'tegas' tu mmg TEPAT ye!
Ade sorang tu lagi la.. "ada la garang sikit-sikit"..hahaha....
Nasib baik takde yang tulis "sangat garang"..

::A week as an Ustazah::

5 January 2009
I was officially a TEACHER. It was surreal. Last night I cried like a baby..feeling empty for not getting chemistry as my subject of teaching. Not even Science! I knew Science and Maths are my strength. If they were taken away from me, what's there left for me? I felt like I was pursuaded to not being me. But when the school ended today, I felt the happiness started to take place of the emptiness. My students (1E) were very cooperative and respect me very2 much. (I could say that they afraid of me at first..haha..kelebihan bermuke garang a.k.a sombong!) As for today, getting the students' attention and respects were more than enough for me. =)

6 January 2009
I was officially an USTAZAH. Hey, they called me that! huhu. Mula2 rasa nak gelak pun ada bila dengar "Assalamualaikum Ustazah". But then I realized..WOW..! I have a BIGGER responsibility right now, right here. I started teaching Pendidikan Islam and it just went very smooth. I just shared everything I'd got from KISAS and SMAKL with the students. (They don't even know that THIS ustazah is actually 'ustazah segera')

7 January 2009
As usual. Organizing the class and teaching PI. Form 2 classes: They opened my eyes! Rupa2 nya banyak budak zaman sekarang tak reti mengaji. Masya Allah. Sedih rasanya. They knew the huruf and they can read but diorang langgar habis semua panjang pendek. Tajwid hancur. Betapa besarnya tanggungjawabku selepas ini. huhu.

8 January 2009
I felt exhausted! It was my first time entering these two classes. They were SO RUDE! SANGAT2. I asked this one boy to read ayat 8 Surah Al Imran. (That's their ayat hafazan and kefahaman and since that was my first time so I wanna know their level) Guess what he said? "Nape saye plak kene bace?!" So I said.."sebab saya suruh". Then what?? This was his response, "Kalo saye tak nak bace camane?!"....????!!!!!!!!! "PAP!" sekali aku tempeleng pipi dia dengan duster and I said, "macam tulah kalau awak tak nak bace". TERKEDU budak tu. Dia ingat cikgu baru macam aku boleh dibuli agaknye. Nak cabar aku sangat. Lepas tu baru dia mengaku. "saya tak tau ustazah". "Apa maksud awak, awak tak tau?" Rupa2 nya dia tak kenal alif ba ta. Boleh dia tunjuk kat "alif laaaam miim" and asked me "Ni ape ustazah?" YA ALLAH....TERKESIMA SAYA DIBUATNYA!

9 January 2009
I spent my whole night thinking about 2I/2J classes. What should I do? What approach should I try? How I'm gonna teach them? Then I came up with an idea. Cuba cara lembut. Budak2 ni dah biasa kene rotan kaw2 punya. Cuba tiba2 kite berlembut, kot2 la terkejut kan. huhu. So what happened? Alhamdulillah.. Diorang berjaya mengeluarkan buku dan menulis nota. Berkenaan ayat tu pula, aku baca dan diorang tulis rumi. Then they were asked to repeat. OK la walaupun rasa nak gelak tengok diorang terkebil2 menulis rumi. Jadinya macam ni. "Rabbana la tuziq qulu bana ba'da izhadaitana wa hablana min ladunka rahmah, innaka antalwahhab".. least by the end of this year diorang hafal ayat tu and mudah2 an doa termakbul. Maksud ayat tu "Wahai Tuhan kami, janganlah kau pesongkan hati2 kami, setelah engkau kurniakan petunjuk kpd kami. dan kurniakanlah ramat kpd kami dari sisimu. sesungguhnya Engkaulah Maha Pemberi Kurnia".. Konklusinya, besarnya pahala yg bakal aku dpt kalau hujung tahun ni diorang dapat mengenal huruf2 Al Quran. Amin...

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Do I really have to read this. OMG!

I love literature. =)

Did I mention yet, I have to write my lesson plan
in JAWI for this subject. =)

"I love reading..VERY2 much..When I was a scholar, I read Ahadiat Akashah's..His writings were so pure and original. After that, I started to read books published by Alaf 21..Then time flies and I stop reading malay novels for quite a long time..until I met Habiburrahman eL Shirazy's books. (You REALLY have to read his) When I stopped reading Malay novels, actually I fell in love with books written by Cecilia Ahern, Susan Lewis and Jodi Picoult. And still, I'm reading their books."

Why all of a sudden I wrote about books?? Haha..Actually just now I went to Minerva bookstore. Searching for revision books for the subjects I'll be teaching. I'm totally forget EVERYTHING about the syllabus. So I have..what..3 days to study THAT everything that had lost from my cute little brain. haha. Walaupun I 'besar kepala'. ;P

Okay, before I go, I just want you to know that I'm moving to Shah Alam tomorrow. So I can't keep updating the blog soon, since my laptop 'can be thrown into the sungai already'. The hard disk had completely damaged. (I'm using my kakngah's now) I'll try to figure out about this ASAP k. Don't miss me! =P

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009! Wishing you a new year wrapped in happiness and warmed by the love of family and friends (that including ME). =)