Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Journey Starts Tomorrow

Setahun lebih dah rasanya blog ni terabai. There were ups and downs in everyday lives. Cuma masa dan idea untuk menulis tak ada.

So now that I'm not officially working (unpaid leave until June insyaAllah) and I'm going to a few places, I think there's no harm to share it here. So that facebook friends won't get annoyed seeing my posts about places I go. Hehe.

I'll start my first trip tomorrow. InsyaAllah kalau semua urusan esok berjalan lancar. [I didn't know that I need visa to enter India until last Thursday. So I applied the visa on Friday and I can only collect my passport tomorrow. Dah bajet sehari buffer tapi the office closed on Monday pulak. So the third working day is on Wednesday. Haih.] I'm flying to Hong Kong at 7.25pm tomorrow, and to Delhi on 24th.

I'm looking forward to write about the journeys here. InsyaAllah. ;)