Saturday, March 21, 2009

::A little too not over you::

Okay..need to admit, MAYBE I'm not over THAT yet. Erm... I'm not sad, seriously..I'm just PISSED OFF..God knows why. Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts!!!

You were all the things I thought I knew
And I thought we could be

You were everything, everything that I wanted
We were meant to be, supposed to be
But we lost it (but we lost it)
All of the memories, so close to me just fade away
All this time you were pretending
So much for my happy ending

It's nice to know that you were there
Thanks for acting like you cared
And making me feel like I was the only one
It's nice to know we had it all
Thanks for watching as I fall
And letting me know we were done

Moving on is simple, it’s what you leave behind that makes it so difficult.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Kerenah si-banyak cakap-kuat membebel-garang-tapi-takut orang luar...

Owh ye..background voice wasn't mine..haha..tu my sis, Huda.

::Layan jap::

Describe your day so far in three words: Boring like ****

Look at your nails.Do they need to be cut? No

What is the last gift you received and from who?
Erm....lame sgt dah ni..during convo kot

Have you been on any type of online messengers today?
Yup, YM

Who was the last person you called?
Kak Teh, owner of a boutique ~ I'm tutoring her son

What are you wearing on your feet? Nothing

About how many hours of sleep did you get last night? 8 hours! haha

Can you crack you toes? No

Do you have any bruises on you where you don't know how they got there? I do

What was the most stressful project you had so far/while in school? Not sure if I own any

List three things near you: books + pencil cases + car keys

What was the last thing you watched on the T.V? Jon and Kate plus 8..I really love the show

What was the last thing you looked up on Google? Astro..nak subscribe astroview

When did you cry last? Why? Last month ~ geram dgn 2J

Are you listening to any music right now? If so, what are you listening to? Its Not Goodbye by Laura Pausini..Besides that, I'm listening to the tv too..Documentary (Al-Hidayah) about kahwin. Wey..takde topik lain ke..huhuhu...

Do you own a pair of slippers? What?? sure la

Is there anyone that you're mad at right now? No

Who was the last person to make you genuinely smile? Haha..erm... ;P

Choose One- Butterfinger, Milkyway, Snickers: Snickers

Who was the last person to comment you? Intan

Do you think love is overrated? Sometimes

Have you ever stepped in dog poop? Never

What would be your favorite store to shop at? Too many fav stores I guess..eheheh..

Where are you planing to go on your next vacation? Singapore

Ever ditched out on plans to do something better with someone else? kinda..

What was the last thing you spent money on? Couple of books..for my tutoring sessions

Is there something you want to say to someone but can't/won't? Maybe.......


I forgot to share my students' results with you..My BM's classes performed MUCH BETTER than Pendidikan Islam. Padahal PI tu kelas2 A n B while BM tu kelas2 D and E. What happened?? PI tu sounds easy. Banyak orang fikir.."ala..agama, tak baca pun boleh jawab".. Ni ustazah tak berlesen nak tanya, "SIAPA KATA????" Jawab memang senang but pemarkahan SANGAT menakutkan. SUSAH sangat nak dapat markah. Ada format menjawab yang betul and if they don't follow the scheme, even if there's point in the answers, the mark = 0 !!! Susah kan. Dalam kelas2 A and B tu berlambak-lambak yang fail PI. Kenapa? Sebab diorang dok focus kat other IMPORTANT (kononnya) subjects. Agama tolak tepi..tak penting sangat pun kan??

When I gave their papers back I asked them to STAND UP for the whole two periods while completing the corrections. Denda. I even told them if they couldn't understand my teachings I'm thinking of "dropping" the class. I felt terribly bad actually. But then they said, "janganlah ustazah..kitorang paham ustazah ajar tapi kitorang memang tak baca pun agama..ingatkan soalan tak susah macam ni" SEE???? I told you, diorang tak study for PI. Huhu.. I was wondering, how did I study agama back then??

p/s : Nad, how did you? haha.. dulu agama susah nak dapat markah gak ke eh?

As for BM, I'm satisfied with their performances. Untuk kelas-kelas D and E kira okay la tu. Untuk kelas D, mostly A and B.. Untuk kelas E yakni kelasku sendiri, mostly B. Yang fail semua budak-budak ex-peralihan. Couldn't expect any miracles la daripada budak-budak camtu. Diorang salin semula soalan je. So for paper two diorang, script jawapan gile tebal la..haha..maunye tak, yang ringkasan and pemahaman diorang SALIN SEMULA petikan yang diberi.

SENI not to mention ek. Whatever it is, it's SENI after all.. Haha.. Surely tak ada yang fail. =P

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

::The most boring holiday ever::

Five reasons to be in a completely boring situation:

1) My dad's outstation..vacation can never be exciting without a COMPLETE family

2) My sister's busy working doubles (sekali cukupla dik oi)

3) My bestfriends are not around

4) No exciting movie at the moment

5) No boyfriend! haha.. =P

5) The real fifth reason..MALAS.

1 reason's enough..I have FIVE?!


Sunday, March 8, 2009

::Laporan Aktiviti


AJK Pengangkutan

From left: Anim (not available) and Sara (available)

Obviously Intan was taken.. ;)

Masz n Me ~ SINGLES..Wah!!

AJK Cenderahati bekerja keras di belakang

Event : Zima's wedding

Venue : Pusat Komuniti ape tah..Pantai Dalam kot..sukati aku je..

huhu..(anyone please correct this)

Time : Noon

Pengerusi : Intan
S/U : tQa
Bendahari : Sara

Ahli Jawatankuasa :
(1) Penginapan & Pengangkutan : tQa
(2) Makanan : Intan
(3) Dokumentasi : Masz
(4) Cenderahati : Intan, Sara & Anim


It was SAD n HARD to let Zima 'go'..We 'handed' her to a great guy I guess so hopefully he will take a VERY GOOD CARE of our BESTfriend ~ Zima. Zima had already fulfill her dream. She always wanted to be the first (among ENAM) who got married and she got it. Haha. Puas hati ko eh Zima! Ok la..Aku jd penutup! ;P

Eventhough we all are now TEACHERS (yang kononnye berdisiplin tu) but we never miss doing crazy things. Untuk yang ni, kitorang balut hadiah dalam kereta! Intan la..huhu..But at least Anim and Sara ade keje gak kan..Besides fell asleep around 2 am..tu pon niat asal tak mau tdo. Lagi gile. Yeah..we had A LOT OF THINGS to catch up..Sian Intan tak dapat join kitorang kat Shah Alam! But thanx for coming on Sunday morning with the breakfast. (Intan! Nasi kerabu LIMA!)Hihi.. =P

So girls..(Attention: G.I.R.L.S!!! haha) ..who's NEXT?! Org Johor ke Kelantan celup tu?? Haha.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

::exam papers::

Belum lagi dikire tulisan budak-budak yang macam.... tuut....

Exam week(s)..Boring gile jage exam..

When I already got back my students' BM scripts I TRIED to mark..and I'm still trying..Haha..Nak gelak ade..nak muntah pon ade..Gile POWER ayat diorang..There are a few (maybe I should say a lot) of essays that I can't mark anything. Tak tau nak tolong betulkan kat mane because the whole sentences are wrong!! I read several times, trying to understand what actually they are trying to say or write..but I guess I failed. Huhu.

No wonder I saw another BM teacher grading her students' papers..This was how she did it..She read a little and then she write the marks. I said to her.."lah kak, senangnye tande. Tak payah betulkan ape-ape ke..bace pon mcm tak abis je satu karangan tu terus bagi markah"..then she said.."ko try la bace.."........OKAY..........mmg tak boleh dibace..tak paham sepatah haram pon!

I'm just wondering..Di mana silapnya..Huhu..Aku ke yang tak reti ajar BM or budak-budak ni mmg "tak reti bahasa"..and I'm thinking how I'm gonna work this thing out. I really wanna help them but HOW??

Kids nowadays...malas berfikir...malas membaca...malas how are they gonna succeed in BM...