Wednesday, February 25, 2009

::No Idea::

Actually I’ve nothing to share at the moment. But since Intan is already started to miss my writtings (haha) so here I am, asking YOU, “What do you want me to write about???!!!!!” My life’s completely boring right now. School and home, school and home. Again and again. THAT’S ALL. Boring gile kan hidup aku? Haha.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Pn Irine's comments in my record books for two weeks in a row.
Semua cikgu dapat ye. Not just me. Haha. ;P

In any conditions I will always somebody to support me. Thanx to YOU, Nad, Dina, Masz, Ima (my personal counselor at school..hihi) and everybody who always say nice things to comfort me. My family surely included. Tak payah mention, they will always be my backbones. Couldn't have done it without ALL OF YOU. =)

Even Pn Irine pon pandai gimme moral supports. Haha. She took a long time to comment each teachers' record book. Thanx anyways! =)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

:: Beloved Sister (of mine) ::

Berikut ialah gelagat2 hanis ketika menonton Spongebob

Hanis' cooking tools. So girls out there, learn how to cook coz my 2 years-old sis already get started! ngengenge.

Hanis is getting bigger and bigger..I'm refering to her brain! Haha. She's a very talkative..Kuat cari gaduh ESPECIALLY with ME! She's garang like me so padanla muke aku. Haha. Tapi garang-garang die pon takut dengan orang. Wakaka. She'll cry when strangers staring at her. Chit! Garang konon. You can't beat your kaklong okay dear!

Why all of a sudden I'm writing about my lil sis? SAJE JE LA. Nothing else I can write about. Inspired my nothing today. Erm...

Friday, February 20, 2009

::Minute motivator for ME::

Hidup tidak selalunya indah
Langit tak selalu cerah
Suram malam tak berbintang
Itulah lukisan alam
Begitu aturan Tuhan

Jadilah RUMPUT nan lemah lembut
TAK LURUH dipukul ribut
Bagai karam di dasar lautan
TAK TERUSIK dilanda badai

Dalam sukar hitunglah kesyukuranmu
Dalam senang awasi kealpaanmu
Setitis derita melanda
Segunung kurniaanNya

Usah mengharapkan kesenangan
Dalam perjuangan perlu pengorbanan


School is all I’ve got right now. Pagi petang pergi sekolah. Sekarang dah serahkan seluruh jiwa raga kepada sekolah. Haha. I love my job even though it could be stressful sometimes. I just finished compiling the exam papers (BM Tingkatan 1 Paper 1). Penat tau nak stapler benda alah tu! =P

Now I’m focusing on mengejar syllabus BM untuk Tingkatan 1D. I just took over the class from whoever it is. The moment I entered the class for the first time, they never learn anything yet! Huhu. Jenuh la aku..But luckily the students are quite achievable so I can rush things a little bit.

As for the other classes, P&Ps going quite well except for 2J. Haha. Actually they are okay but Pn Irine still insisting on making the class SILENT. Sorry but I can’t do that. They don’t born with a zip on their mouth and they are KIDS. =) Gaining respect from them is such a big RAHMAT for me. I couldn’t ask for more.

[Allow some constructive noise in the classroom. Noise can actually help settle down restless students. Dr. Harlen Hensen of the University of Minnesota explains, “Good noise means learning. Bad noise means the children are out of control. No noise means adults don’t understand the nature of children”]

First lesson dulu I could say it was OUT-OF-CONTROL..haha..but the next one was much better. =)

Last but not least, right now, I miss my family! Haha. The loads of work restrained me from going back last weekends. Saya rindu nak bergaduh dengan the little Hanis! Huhu. But anyways, I’m gonna head home this Friday. No matter what! Haha.

Okay, that’s all for now. I’m just wanna let you know that I’m doing fine. =) Memangla ada sedikit rasa pissed off but nak bersedih-sedih rasa macam tak berbaloi la kn? In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life : It goes on. ;-)

[Life is like a beautiful melody, only the lyrics are messed up]

p/s : See, I moved on kan?? ;-)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

::The ONE::

At this moment, there are 6, 757, 540, 531 people in the world. Some are running scared. Some are coming home. Some tell lies to make it through the day. Others are just now FACING THE TRUTH. Some are evil men, at war with good. And some are good, struggling with evil.

Six billion people in the world.

Six billion souls.

And sometimes...all you need is ONE.


Monday, February 16, 2009


Imagine a future moment in your life where all your dreams come true. It’s the greatest moment in your life, and you get to experience it with ONE person.

Who’s standing next to you??

I really need to figure this one out. =)

::I'm Done::

“You don’t need to hear my voice to know that I care and you don’t have to feel my touch to know that I’m here, you just have to know that somewhere, somehow I’m just here CARING QUIETLY.”

Is that true? Maybe..or maybe not. Or else I won’t be single again. Do we ACTUALLY have to TELL them that we care? Or they should’ve known in their heart? I’ve to admit, I’m not the kind of person who’s gonna speak my mind..or even my heart. There’re things I couldn’t say but I write. There’re things I couldn’t tell but I show. That’s why we all have EYES and HEARTS, not just EARS. Sometimes we need to use the incredibly great SIGHTS and FEELINGS of ours to reveal the untold. But whatever I did, to some people, IT”S JUST NOT ENOUGH. WHATEVER!!!

You can find the good in everybody, if you just give them a chance, the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes people DISAPPOINT you. Sometimes they SURPRISE you. But you never really get to know them until you LISTEN FOR WHAT’S IN THEIR HEARTS.

You know that thing about judging a book by its cover? It’s true. Sometimes you got to read the whole thing. EVEN THEN, YOU STILL MIGHT NOT KNOW THE WHOLE STORY.

This is why I said it’s hard to let people in. After I placed my heart and my trust in people, after I let them know ME..and then they just VANISHED.

I’m done.

With YOU.

With US.

And I moved on.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


kurasakan pudar dalam hatiku
rasa cinta yang ada untuk dirimu
ku lelah dengan semua yang ada
ingin ku lepas semua

setan dalam hati ikut bicara
bagaimana kalau ku selingkuh saja
ku punya banyak teman lelaki
sepertinya ku kan bahagia

mestinya kau cari pengganti diriku saja
karena kita sudah tak saling bicara
pastikan cerita tentang kita yang telah lalu
hanya ada dalam ingatan hatimu

maafkan aku jika kau kecewa
cintamu bukan lah untuk diriku
jika memang semua kan jadi cerita
ku tahu kau semakin terluka

Saturday, February 7, 2009

::Kasihan 2J::

On Friday..semua students 2J kena rotan. Actually I felt guilty. It wasn't actually their fault. I cried because I felt bad about myself. Not them. I could understand that they are used to that yelling style of talking. And they have to realize that I'm teaching SENI! It's not that they were talking while I'm teaching. It WAS NOT! They talked while they were doing the task I HANDED to them.

They are KIDS. We can't ask them to STOP TALKING. Diorang bukan bisu. IF diorang bercakap masa explanation tu ye lah salah. But they DID NOT. So prinsip yg mengatakan P&P itu hanya berjaya bila kelas tu senyap ialah SALAH. Don't they know the latest approach-STUDENTS CENTERED LEARNING..? Students do the talking. So how could we say the P&P the class need to MUTE? YOU tell ME.

So what i'm trying to say is, it wasn't 100% 2J's fault. But THEY really need to learn some manners. Cakap tak payah menengking-nengking. Orang sebelah2 ada telinga yang cukup untuk mendengar. And for us-teachers, we had to master the ART of timing too. There's time to keep quiet and there's still time for the kids to talk. (, not yell..haha)

And ME? I really need to learn a lot MORE. Thanx for the SUPPORTS from THOSE WHO CARED. =)

::First CRY::

Huhu..Finally air mataku tumpah jua. Haha..actually i always cry in the middle of conflict. I know it couldn't solve the problem but at least it could minimize my stress level.

So what actually happened? Erm..I entered 2J for the first time on Thursday. The day before, I'd inform the students.."Esok semua bawa kertas lukisan. Kalau tak bawa, saya akan bagi kertas and awak akan melukis di koridor" So on Thursday, EVERYBODY brought their kertas lukisan. After they finished copying notes, I explained a little bit about WARNA and told them what they had to do.

After a few SECONDS they started to do what i asked them to do. SURPRISINGLY everybody were drawing and EVERBODY WERE TALKING AND YELLING TOO!!!!!!!!!!

"Woi, asal ko amek colour aku!"

"Woi bak la balik pensel aku!"

"Cikgu!! Dia ambik kertas saya!"

"Wei korang diamlah!"

and a lot more.. pergh!!!!!!!!! BISING SIOT! I was losing my mind at that moment.

Suddenly teacher who was teaching at the next class came and warned the students.

"Kenapa awak tak hormat dengan guru di depan awak? K.U.R.A.N.G A.JA.R"

"Atiqah, kalau diorang bising lagi bawa turun pada Pn Chen ya"

But the SILENT MODE just maintained for about 4 minutes. Then all the talking and yelling took place..again. I tried my best to tune down their voices but I failed.

The next thing I knew was Pn Irine came "visiting" me and the students. She even warned them AGAIN.
"OMG. If Irine ni da naik matila aku"

When the lesson finished, the bell rang telling it was time to go back. 6.40 pm. I felt extremely sad, having the taught that I FAILED to control the class. Just been there without even SUCCEED to bring the students into SILENCE.
When I saw my friend Ima at bilik guru I broke down into tears. Told her how USELESS myself had been.
And the news now spread out. HUHU. =(