Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rindukan bau makmal..

Starting from August 3, I'm gonna teach Science (eventually..YEAY!!) Eventhough it's not Chemistry or Maths but at least saya telah 'kembali ke jalan yang benar'. Haha. I'm paying no heed to the fact that I'm gonna deal with a 'little' problem. I've to teach 1G, 1H and 1K where 1H and 1K were left behind. (I really mean it) I'd take a peek at their notebook and they stopped at Introduction of Matter. Duh?! Last year I taught that topic in APRIL and now it's already August. So I've like 5 more topics to be covered. Huh..Tak macam kena drift kan. Haha. Whatever! I asked for it. Konon kesiankan budak2 yang dah lama sangat tak belajar Science. Hah, amek kau! :-)

Owh! And there's no more Bahasa Melayu in my timetable. DOUBLES the YEAY!! There's still Pendidikan Islam though. But honestly I'm already comfortable with that one. And as the form teacher for 1E (which I taught BM earlier) I'm taking over Indra's subject (Seni) besides 2J. Pn Irine actually wanted to give me 2A but I asked for 2J instead. Haha. Yes, you read it right, I ASKED for it. ;-)

So this is my new classes..
Science - 1G, 1H and 1K
Agama - 1A + 1B
P.Seni - 2J and 1E

Rabbi yassir wa la tu'assir. Bittaufiq wannajah. Allahu yubarik fik ya `Atiqah..! =)

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