Thursday, July 29, 2010

Please locate yourself. Thank you.

This is my timetable..

Monday - Thursday : 7.20am - 2pm, school
Friday : 7.20am - 12.30pm, school and 3 - 9pm, UM
Saturday : 2 - 5pm, UM.

(Hahaha. Gedik betul bagi jadual cikgu.)'ve got mine. May I have yours?

Err..update the location as well please. Thank you.

oopppssss..Gurau kasar. hehe. At least blog dah update. =P


  1. time kasih krn update blog anda ^_^

    nnti sy sms aje la bila sy cuti bleh ke?? location tu..
    hah!! nnti sy copy aje sy punya jadual.. sng kn??? hehehe

  2. hahaha...
    satu time table yg sgt bagus and mantap!