Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Anda gembira?

Recently saya diberi questionnaire/survey yang dibuat oleh seorang rakan student di UM yang tengah buat research tentang apa saya tak pasti. But most of the question asking about happiness and health. A few questions just knocked me like "dush! baru kau sedar sekarang?!"

-Adakah anda gembira dengan kehidupan anda sekarang? 
-Adakah hidup anda berjalan seperti yang anda rancang?
-Jika hidup boleh diulangsemula, berapa banyak perubahan yang akan anda lakukan?

And my answers are 'yes', 'yes' and 'nothing'. (The answers were ranked, but these are my exact response)

I'm happy with my life right now and I could it's more than usual. It has something to do with the next question - my life is just like what I planned (at least for now) and these are the major plans:
1) I'll become a teacher
2) I'll sew -for baju kurung-
3) I'll live by my own-
4) I'll do masters before I got married
5) I'll get married before I turn 27 [Revised] (-.-)

See, almost everything tercapai kan? Kalau tak bersyukur jugak tak tau lah nak cakap ape Tqah!

p/s: As for my #5 aim, can anybody help me to make it happen? Haha. =P

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