Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dia ialah Wali Mujbir Saya

Lewat petang semalam me and my mum lepak pilih2 baju nak iron (sekolah). And then my dad came menyibuk. Dia pun buat2 sibuk gak pilih baju nak iron. [Yes my dad iron baju sendiri sejak dah takde bibik. Taknak susahkan my working mama yang penat balik sekolah lambat, then kena masak lagi and everything] Bergaduh2 dengan kitorang nak pilih baju dia. He said tomorrow ada dialog, kena pakai lawa sikit. My mum chose a shirt for him and then he took out a blue-black trousers.

Mum : Kot colour apa?
Dad  : Hitam
Mum : So pakai seluar hitam lah.
Dad  : Hitam lah ni.

Saya yang tengah iron baju pusing belakang nak tengok seluar that they were arguing about.

Me  : Tu blue-black lah bah. Hitam ni hitam. 
(I hold a black bag and put it beside the trousers to show the difference)

Sambil keluarkan another pair of trousers, my dad membebel.

Dad  : Hish anak beranak ni, colour pun tak tau beza. Sia-sia bagi makan nasi.
(Of course we was joking. Padahal dia tak boleh terima dia asyik kalah bila argue pasal colours)

Hahahaha. My mum and I burst out laughing. Whateverrr lah bah.

So that's my dad. Selamat berkenalan! My hero, my wali yang akan menikahkan saya nanti. There were times when my heart breaks thinking that his responsibilities for me will soon be transferred to someone else. Will that person be able to take care of me like my dad does? Will he pampered me as much as my dad spoils me?

My dad is the person with the highest level of patience (and funniest) I ever knew. A few days ago, there was an issue where I amuk for a night. (sampai pagi kot, kejut subuh pun saya buat tak tau je. lama sket baru bangun) Malas nak cerita apa isu nya, family matters. Tapi biasalah masing-masing stressed out about the wedding. So masing-masing lepas cakap. I'm emotionally distracted lately - that's the problem. I couldn't help it. He texted me the next morning to clear up the situation (and yes, we were in the same house - but well..I refused to talk remember?)

Abah, I love you. 
You will ALWAYS be my hero.  
I can't thank you enough for EVERYTHING you've done.

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