Sunday, January 27, 2013


End of last year's school holiday (wow sounds like forever!) I followed my hubby's trip to Melbourne. Since that was the only trip I could follow. (Time cuti sekolah time tu lah trip dia semua tak best) The stay was quite short, so I could only spend my time walking around town. Hotel crew sangat2 tengah bandar. Memang best. Jalan a few steps je like u can get everything. All the big brands, big shops. Heheh. We were there during Boxing Day so, yeah. Semua orang berboxing except us. I was really not in the mood for shopping (which hubby was relieved, I think) sebab dah puas shopping masa kat London & Paris. Lagipun memang dah set my mind, ikut g Melbourne sebab just nak looking around.

Melbourne is known for the cultures and buildings. The designs and architectures memang superb!

The most remarkable event was when the captain asked me to sit in the cockpit to witness my hubby's landing. Heheh. Yeap! I was there the whole time. It was a smooth landing (Thank God!) and I was a proud wife!

Safely landed!

Jadi captain jap for a few seconds.

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