Saturday, April 12, 2014


Assalamualaikum w.b.t. Alhamdulillah finally berjaya transfer all photos from iPhone to my computer. Baru semangat nak menulis. Hik hik. Alright. So. Hong Kong.

We stayed in Novotel Citigate - Turkish Ailines' Crews stay. Tempat cantik, classy I would say and very2 convenient. Attached dengan famous outlet (kepala fikir shopping ting ting ting) and also attached to MTR station. kami beli Octopus Card (macam Touch n Go) sorang satu. Senang nk ke mana2. Besides, bila dah tak nak pakai boleh return and diorang akan return the balance. But of course we kept it. Dengan harapan nk pakai sampai ke tua. Hehe.

When travelling around, this map is a must-have! Jangan tunjuk pro. You'll waste a lot of time.
We arrived in HKG at night. So our activities only started the next day. We've already planned earlier - to spend the whole day in Disneyland. Yes. The whole day. Sebab dulu masa pergi USS macam tak cukup masa. But overall, I would say I prefer USS better. Sana lagi happening. Lagi best. Disneyland bored me a little. The best part was watching the fireworks. Itu memang exciting. Ada lagu2 semua. Memang cantik. Romantik. Puii. Untuk orang yang rarely watched fireworks like me, memang agak jakun juga. Haha. I guess I'll let the photos talk.

We went here straight away cuz hubby already bought the tickets online.
Cik abg mmg takkan pernah tahanberatur panjang.

Cute je toilet labelled like periodic table. Oh My Research!

I took the photos. Hubby went for a ride. Me? Never!

Nampak muka berlagak dia? Huh. Like I care.
I wouldn't go for it even if you pay me thousand bucks. Never.
This one was kind to me at least. I survived. Haha. I sat beside a 2-year old girl.
Aku menjerit macam nak mati budak tu lepak je. Ee memalukan! Or maybe dia takde perasaan. Erm.

Cutest train I've ever ride on.

Sneak peek fireworks video for you.
That was all for Day 1. See you in Hong Kong Part 2. 
Thank you for reading! 

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