Friday, May 30, 2014


Tengah semangat nak menulis ni jangan dihalang. Hehe. Cik abg kerja plak..lagi la layan menulis sorang kat bilik ni.

Erm..So after Hong Kong, hubby's next stop was Delhi. So I went there too. Of course I went back to KL (from Hong Kong) and the next day terus fly to Delhi. Cheaper that way, instead of taking flight from Hong Kong to Delhi. Kena menyimpang jauh pulak tu. Tak kuasa.

Frankly speaking, I think thats gonna be my first and last trip to India. Procedure visa leceh amattttt, and I accidentally basahkan passport maka visa tersebut (yes, yang saya dapatkan dengan susah payahnya) dah mengembang sampai tak nampak muka. So I don't think they'll accept it sebab they seemed very particular about procedures and stuff. Surprisingly huh?

But overall, trip to Delhi wasn't that bad. Hubby sampai dulu and he waited for me at the airport. Sampai hotel pun dah petang and there was nothing much to do. Hubby brought me to Janpath - small shops lot underground. Memang murah lah barang2 dia - leather and kain especially. But to be honest, the place was kinda scary to me. Tu lah, asyik shopping kat KLCC je! Haha. 

The second day, we woke up very early because hubby had booked us a private tour to Agra, where the Taj Mahal is. It was a very good trip I must say. Ada representative datang pick us up at the hotel, hantar ke train station, and di Agra pun ada driver datang pick us up at the station, and of course he was the driver for the whole day. And the good thing is that we've got a tourist guide all to ourselves - felt like one-to-one tuition pulak when he talked about histories and all haha. Cuma yang part kurang best nye sebab mamat tourist guide tu bawak ktrg ke tempat shopping souvenirs yang mahal2. Itu aje la yang tak best pun. In Agra we went visit Agra Fort, Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri - the must go historical places. The driver sent us back to the train station and sampai Delhi ada sorang lagi driver datang pick up and hantar balik hotel. The price pun not bad at all. Sebab including first class coach for the train, breakfast and dinner dalam train, yang for me, quite okay. And yang penting - bersih! Lunch was also included, which was supposed at a 5 star hotel in Agra, but we requested to change the venue, to a halal 5 star restaurant. So we could taste a complete traditional Indian's meal yang halal. Sampai hotel dah midnight, memang flat habiss laki bini.

The next day pulak we went shopping, to a big shopping mall which I couldn't remember the name, and to Sarojini, like a market along the streets near to our hotel. Ini memang ada dalam tentative program ye. Hehe. Sebab ada kawan bagitau kain cotton kat india sangat murah. But I didn't expect it to be SANGATTTTT murah. Eee...frust sebab tak dapat borong banyak. I only brought cabin size luggage can you imagine! Nasib baik tak pecah beg tu.

Sekian sahaja cerita Delhi. Pergi lah! Tak rugi pun.

Dalam tuktuk! The main public transport there.

Our train ticket which was included in the tour.

At first I was like, coffee and biscuits je?
Belum sampai Agra pun dh lapar balik!

And then this came. Owh..Okay lah ada bread and cereal.
Baru la kenyang betul.

Sekali lepas habis cereal, ada lagi another meal. Omelette and banana.
And I was like, what??! Ini sudah baguss!! Kena buat review ni!

Dapat tdo kejap je before breakfast huhu.

Hubby takyah cakap lah! Ada 5 minit pun dia sempat tdo, ape lagi 2 jam!

The executive coach memang sangat luas!
Very comfortable lah for a 2-hours journey.
Lagi luas daripada naik EY punya flight haha.

Agra Fort

The perks of having personal tour guide!
Tanya la banyak mana pun tak ada sape nak kacau.

The Taj Mahal

Our traditional Indian meal for lunch.

Fatehpur Sikri

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