Thursday, June 11, 2009

MY dream guy

Since I'd nothing to do I took a lame who's-your-dream-guy test and the answer was..

Jake Gyllenhaal..!!

"This fun loving guy is your dream match! He's no stranger to controversy or lovely women like yourself! This on-again off-again lover is always up for a laugh, and believes strongly in family values. This is truly a guy to take home to mom, congratulations!

Haha~ whatever! But at some point, it's true though. Hehe.. IF I could demand, this is gonna be my list..My dream guy..

1. puts his family first.
2. has a good job. (Well..cant be hyprocrite..this is important anyways)
3. will be able to help out. (Ehem..i'm a career-woman..Hehe)
4. always remember special occacions.
5. smells nice all the time. Haha..
6. is drop dead *cute*..okay..i'm kidding!

There's a reason why it's a CAPITAL 'if' there..because i know it's impossible..Heheh.
Saje je nak berangan. =P

Well..this one's serious..

1. Solat 5 waktu tak tinggal
2. Pandai baca Al-Quran (erm..hafal surah As-Sajadah..hehe..)
3. Family man
4. Kalau cute dikira bonus la tp ..sedap mata memandang

If you can't find me the right candidate, just shut up! Haha~ I mean...stop asking me "kau bile lagi?"

Erm..actually I wrote this entry not because I'm desperate for a guy, seriously I'm not. I'm enjoying every minutes of my life. I just wanna waste my time and updating my blog. Hehe. I don't want anybody find the guy for me. It's just a matter of time. Kalau ada jodoh, tak ke mana. =)


  1. kat skolah i, ade sorang ustaz bujang...nk berkenalan ke...????? muahahahahahahahaha (^_^)

  2. kak emi..nak! haha..ustaz bujang muda ke dah tua?? huhu

  3. insyaallah...
    klu ade jodoh x ke mane..
    look for a guy yg love kite more than kite love die..

  4. ko ni kn nad.....nk kene cubit eh..ye2..
    doakan jela aku jumpe that kinda guy ye... ;P