Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Love it, hate it.

I now have this new aim in teaching science. Since I only have 2 classes of that almost-fav subject of mine (well..my fav is chemistry) so I'm gonna make it to the fullest. I'm using all the techniques, pedagogies and all the teaching aids I had learnt and used before, in USM and during teaching practical. I need to enjoy this very little-part-of-me that 'the-devil' gave.

The classes I teach are not A classes so I have to keep everything low-key. I'm not aiming high, just...at least they remember and recognize the hazard symbols very well so that they can paste all the symbols on the-devil's door. =P

I'm teaching the same class Seni and Science so I can join them both. Haha. Drawing cells, drawing microscope, colouring the mind-maps of each topics in science...that's science + art right? No? Sukati akulah sapa suruh bagi aku seni. I need to study hard for KH though. It wasn't my fav subject in school..with lukisan teknik la..simpan kira la..waaaaaahhhhhhh........rasa nak muntah! Mm..and as for Moral..well..it's Moral after all.. (-.-)

I'm still looking forward to transfer though. Mengejar cita-cita. Heh. You can think I'm tamak or whatever, but..."esok pasti ada, tapi esok belum tentu milik kita" so..


  1. gud effort...tunjukkan at devil tu yg ko ni bukan men2 nye org..

    btw, if hang jd pindah, nak pi mana??
    ~ wink wink ~