Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ramadhan saya, Ramadhan awak?

I miss the previous Ramadhan. I mean the atmosphere. Not specifically berpuasa with family but more to the activities in bulan puasa. Ramadhan is supposed to be better than before right?? But I feel VERY VERY guilty because that's just not happening to me. I can't blame anyone, or anything. It's just me. I need more time to concentrate on my study and school (since I'm teaching PMR students and a so-called killer subject - Add Maths). And I need time to cook too. Couple of years before I could spend hours after each solat to make sure that I khatam Quran at the end of Ramadhan. What's happening now is I just manage to recite a few pages after solat. Read that, not a few hors, a few pages! Maybe I could spend my day to recite Quran if I don't have to sleep at night to do assignments, but then again, how could I not sleep?? And if I use the night to do assignments what about my school works pulak?

For those who's working and studying at the same time, can you please suggest me anything?? How could you mengimarahkan Ramadhan and carry on with ton of works at the same time?

p/s : Rindu terawih kat masjid Wilayah


  1. Salam Ramadhan,

    me too having the same problem. maybe this is the first time that we have to work and study at the same time.

    Lets try this. Bring the holy Quran wherever we go and try to recite the Quran any free time that we have.Other than reading the Quran we can do good deeds like 'bersedekah'..

    InsyaAllah Allah swt knows that we try hard to do the best. Work is also an Ibadah!

    =) Love from bandung

  2. Thanks a lot dear.. Will do, insyaAllah. Or maybe I could join the students' tadarus. hehe.

    Selamat berpuasa! =)