Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My thing

(Background : Open Your Eyes, Insyaallah, For the Rest of My Life, Maher Zain)

These are really my thing.

If I say that I write almost EVERYTHING, do you believe me? Please do! You most probably think I'm crazy but I do write ALMOST everything. Things to do, things to bring back home, things to buy, things to teach, things to say??!!!, and many more. Yes, I'm a control freak and my sister used to scream out loud when she first knew that I have a list of attires-to-wear-at-kampung. haha. okay, you might think that I'm crazy but I do that because it's easier for to me to pack ONLY necessary things. (kakngah, sebab tu selalunya beg balik kampung kau yang paling besar!)

Oh I just can't live without music and I don't think I need to elaborate on this one. If you really know me, know. haha. I listen to any kinda music but nasyid (old ones) and alternative rock suit my soul very well.

Okay, this part, you can call me girlish and feminine. Diizinkan sebab memang betul. Everytime I go out, make-up and a bracelet are compulsory! hehe. But I wear for my own satisfaction, not because I want to look pretty in front of people. I just don't care. Kalau bukan sebab barang2 kosmetik tu mengandungi chemical, kat rumah pun saya pakai, suka sangat punya pasal. Tapi taklah sampai tahap tu. Kalau macam tu punya application, satu tong make-up remover each months kot.

La..kenapa letak kat tempat ke-4?? Salah tempat ni. Haha. I eat all the time. haha. Sebab tu time study dulu kawan2 selalu bising. "kau ni, makaaaannnn je. Tapi badan dok kurus kering camtu gak!". haha. So?? Who cares?? Especially now, that I knew that I don't suffer from thyroid. And I passed my talasemia test as well!! Normal, yeay!! Oit!! Salah channel ni!!

Actually there are many more but those four are the majors. But I need to confess. Gadgets and sports are really not my thing. Haha. I don't really care about those two. Huh~

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