Monday, December 20, 2010

Stress no more

Honestly, I'm quite comfortable with my busy life - working & studying OR studying. Heheh. Now that I'm free from those, I'm insanely boring and stressful. (Mesti korang stress mengetahui bahawa saya stress bila tak ada kerja kan? haha)

After a few days chilling out at home after the induction course I went down to my old*new home. (Rumah lama, tengah renovate and 90% siap so dah jadi 'baru' la kan. At the moment my family's staying at a condo nearby - I hate this place!) I turned my 'stereo' out loud, locked myself in the library and reorganized all the books. [I've been the 'person-in-charge' of our library since I was young (dush2!) hehe - I mean 5-6 years ago.Maybe I could say since I got this OCD kinda thing. I couldn't stand the mess. Hish] Then, me and my brothers put together Maryam's bed (before was kakngah's) back into shape. It was like playing puzzles - fun yet challenging. After working 2 days in a row, I feel PAIN all over my body! Tak terfikir la pulak nak warm-up sebelum kerja kan. =P

So that was how I spent my boring days. Berfaedah kan? Haha. Ikutkan hati nak berjalan-jalan lepas tension di luar kawasan KL/Selangor sebelum start sekolah ni tapi..well..I'm surrounded by busy people so..erm. *Pasrah

p/s : Take Me Away

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