Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cerita Raya Saya

As I mentioned earlier, this is the shortest Raya celebration ever. But the most memorable one yet. :) There were a few first-time-event happened. 

My sister Maryam was admitted to Tawakkal Hospital 3 days before raya and actually didn't release by the doctors until we managed to convice the doctor that we can take a very special care of her. Well, we have doctors and nurses in the family and also the nebulizer machine, so yeah.

As my mom was staying in the hospital on the raya's eve, so as the eldest, I was in-charge for the cooking job. And kak ngah wasn't there - she was at her in-laws'. Thank God I got a ringan tulang hubby. He helped me to perah santan and goreng tempe for kuah lodeh. Hehe. Nasib baik la petang tu dah siapkan kuah kacang and rendang dengan mama. Kalau semua kena buat sendiri memang selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin la! Hehe.

This year, besides mama and abah, I've another pair of hands I must kiss on pagi raya. Hehe. Yelah selalunya lepas mama abah adik2 yang cium tangan kite... ;) Ni banyak dosa dengan suami ni. Haha. Suka marah2 suami. Hehe. Tapi tiap2 kali buat salah pun dah mintak maaf kan syg kan kan?

That's all I've got for now.

My Big Family 2012


  1. lovely family :) cutenyeee baby sape tu?

  2. adik yg pakai baju merah tu eh?eh bile adik kawin?tqah bile lg?hihi

  3. Adik nikah last year lagi. Kite tgh honeymoon. :)