Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What comes from the heart touches the heart

I stressed out when I'm done marking the science papers. Each classes have many failures, not to mention, they were just tested with ONE and only one, chapter. Argh!!!! memang rasa nak kunyah-kunyah je budak-budak ni. I expected more from them because they (seemed like) doing well in class.

But what I wanna write about is, some of these kids surprised me. The ones that I didn't expect to get a good grades. Now I really believe that PEOPLE surprise us. Expect that! And there was this boy who (quite) talkative in class and has a really bad handwriting, he said something while we were discussing the paper in class. There was one part of question(s) in part B which most of them got ZERO because that was the only part without choices of answers. But that boy got it all correct.

Me : (membebel) Soalan ni dah banyak kali jawab dalam kelas, macam mana boleh salah lagi?! Hampir semua dapat kosong part ni.

A girl : Cikgu, ni dia betul semua. (Refering to that boy)

Me : Yelah, rupanya dia sorang je membaca.

That boy : Cikgu, saya tak baca yang ni, saya just ingat apa yang cikgu ajar.

Owh seriously saya terkedu dan sangat terharu.

There are times when I felt so very useless and uninspired, and when that happens, I have that particular sentence to become wholehearted all over again. =)

p/s : expect the unexpected

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