Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fun no more

I used to enjoy driving while I was young. Ouch!! Macam tua sangat! I mean..while I was studying in Penang. I couldn't wait to jump into my car and drive all the way to Penang. There were a few times I drove alone, but most of time, Intan & Zima accompanied me. We were singing, talking & eating throughout the journey and there we were..USM! 4 hours drive was nothing! haha. But now..Oh My God I hate driving! I stopped lovin it since I started working. Driving = no fun. But I LOVE my car very much. hehe.

Apart from driving, I'm still the EXACT same person as I used to be. I still love reading, singing, eating, shopping, watching movies, talking (err...), and so many more......

p/s : Just in case you haven't see me in a LONG time, I'm still the same person you used to know. =)

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