Sunday, November 21, 2010


*Lamanya tak menulis..Tak ada ilham. Hehe. So today I'm gonna write about thing we always do. No?

If you are my bestfriends or close friends then you surely knew that I'm a control freak. I keep everything organized and I wish that everything falls smoothly according to so-called my detailed plans. (Of course things got messed up a few times)

But there was one time (the most-FREAKING-AWFUL-thing-ever) happened to me. I accidentally misread (what the..) date for an interview (for posting). If you knew me good enough you'd say "unbelievable". I couldn't believe it myself. I read the date a zillion times. How could I switched 4 and 5?? I called a friend of mine telling how stupid I was and he said "Aku tak pelik sangat benda camni jadi tapi kat kau?? Kau salah tarikh? Kau la manusia paling detail, fussy, particular ever! Kau kenapa??" Haha. I took that as a compliment! =P

But I managed anyways. I was lucky that I was a scholarship holder and my CGPA enabled me to bypass the interview. I just had to sit for the test. Phew. [But of course I cried like a crazy woman the night before because I freaked out. I even bought an mc so that I could show them if they asked why I didn't come the day I supposed to. See - control freak lagi. huhu]

It's a good thing you have plans. But make sure you are preparing for the worst. And even if you don't, you have to keep in mind - we plan, but Allah makes it happen, and He ALWAYS got the best plan for us.

But no matter how organized I am, I'm still a human and my point is, people make mistakes. Don't you?