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 .... in 3 days! This gonna be a long entry.

Rasa macam hop on hop off punya trip. Hubby got 3 days off after his long trip. Dia nak sangat pergi Rome as MAS dah tak buat trip to Rome dah. It was a very last minute punya plan. Tengah malam sebelum nak gerak tu lah baru hubby booked hotels. Tak tau pukul berapa dia tidur that night. Kesian. Bini dah baek punya lentok.

First, we went to Rome. Took Turkish Airlines using the ZED fare. About 2 hours flight. That was my first time flying with TK. Impressed sangat2 dengan their service, especially for the EY (economy). Rasa macam duduk business class MH. Hehehehe.

The menu and the COMPLIMENTARY earphone.
Yes, by now our collection of earphones dah boleh buat meniaga.

Breakfast. I'm not sure whether I was so hungry or the food was so damn delicious,
tapi memang licin tak ada satu habuk pun yang tinggal. Melayu sangat!

Sampai Rome terus beli map kat tourist information centre and tanya sikit pasal transportation. We took the 5euro shuttle bus from the airport to the train station in the city centre. We found out the hotel hubby booked was just nearby. Walking distance from the train station. Walking lah sangat! Haha. Penat jugak lah! Luckily the weather was nice. Had our lunch in a halal restaurant right in front of the station. Not bad at all. And then we checked in. The hotel was okay. Cuma yang kureng nya sebab limited internet access. 

Our weird-rooftop room. Hubby didn't like it anyways.
For me, it was okay. Yang penting bersih.

Lepas solat and refresh gitu gini, kami terus keluar balik. The receptionist gave us directions to the colosseum. Walking distance jugak lah from the hotel. We joined a group tour so that we could skip the line and we could get good explanations about the monuments. The tour was for colosseum and the roman forum. The tour guides were good. Memang terasa seperti history lectures. And my suggestion, kalau nak visit these places, and kalau tak study earlier, memang kena ada guide. Sebab kalau tak, tengok aje lah monument tu dengan 1000 tanda tanya. Haha. Hubby mentioned something about gladiator, but I don't even know what that means.

Lepas keluar dari roman forum kami lepak minum coffee sambil tumpang wifi free sebab nak kena beli train tickets to Florence the next day. Tengok! Semua buat last minute! Berjaya jugak beli ticket, dengan batt phone almost kong nye. Memang adrenaline rush sesangat!

Sebelum sambung jalan, hujan pun turun. Tapi manja2 aje lah. And luckily I brought along my uniqlo ultra light down jacket. Waaah promote pulak. But trust me, really worth buying! Ringan gile boleh penyek and jimat space! Maka berjalanlah kami berdua dalam hujan. Passed through the Monument to Victor Emmmanuel II  and visited the Trevi Fountain. Walked around the city dalam hujan. Cuci mata. Tak banyak masa nak visit all the historical monuments though, so visit yang wajib aje.

In the colosseum (first floor)

Inside the roman forum

Monument to Victor Emmmanuel II

Trevi Fountain

And I don't know what this is

The very next day, we took a train (ItaliaRail) to Florence. The train was outstanding! Hah gitu kau punya over bagi review. We bought the business quiet so that we could sleep. Beli online, ada promotion. Seat memang luas gila. Boleh recline gila2 punya. Aku yang cerewet tdo ni boleh tdo tak hengat, maknanya memang comfy la. Even coach biasa pun, seat dia memang luas. (We took the normal coach from Florence to Venice). So, sampai Florence terus pergi outlet. Memang konon2 transit kat Florence nak shopping aje. Tak lah sakan pun. For me, the outlet was so-so aje la. We went to The Mall. High end punya brands, sebab tu rasa boring kot. Hahahaha. I don't actually wear these brands pun sebab rasa macam ridiculously mahal. Tapi sangkut jugak la sikit. Sikiit je. Hehe. Hubby insisted me to buy. Huahuahua.

Rome - Florence.
Seat business quiet. Ada glass separation belakang seat.
And jangan harap lah nak sembang kuat2 dalam ni.
Nak tidur, memang sesuai.

Florence - Venice.
Kami memang jakun gila.

Normal coach. Still luas sangat seat dia kan?

Sampai Florence

Shuttle bus to The Mall outlet

The outlet. Frankly speaking, tak de lah best sangat.

Lewat petang we hopped on the train to Venice. Venice memang cantik and romantic! Lots of old sexy buildings. We took the water bus, pusing2 along the grand canal sebelum check in to our hotel which we had NO IDEA where. Memang gamble tahap dewa. But, well...of course we succeed. After tersilap stop - we stopped at S. MARCO, yang sepatutnya we need to hop off at S. TOMA stop. Sempat la melilau kat S. Marco tu dalam hujan and beli vegetarian pizza for dinner. Hihi. Tak jauh pun hotel dari jetty tu. hewhewhew. We were really satisfied with the hotel anyways, eventhough kecik, tapi sangat romantic and venice habis. Bersih, of course..and breakfast was good too!

We stayed one night in Venice. Tak banyak tempat pun to visit actually. And I thinnk 2 days were just enough. The next day early in the morning sempat pergi sightseeing kat area S. Marco. Ada St Marks's Basilica and Piazza San Marco - many high end shops too. Honestly, tak terfikir pun kat tempat kecik and old macam tu ada these kind of brands. Hard Rock pun ade. So sempatlah menambah collection. Hehehe.

"Bilik ni memang terbaek" kata bos.

Around San Marco

Tak naik pun. Mahal. Macam no point je rasa. Haha.

After this photo hubby said, "sebenarnya saya bukan nak amek gambar awak pun".

So our trip ended there. Catched flight back to Istanbul.

Dapat seat ke idok. Dapat ke idok.

Got it last minute!

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