Tuesday, December 30, 2008

::Laughter and Cries::

Tau la terror bi tapi..takkan tak fasih and tak
bermakne bm ko Da!!! haha.. Malu aku.. ;P

Dewan Terbuka SEJAYA - PMR 2008

Today is the day for the PMR 2008 results announcement. If I were the one who'll be taking the results today I guess I couldn't sleep last night. But guess what, it was 10.30 a.m and my sister were still sleeping! Tremendously comfortable in her bed. Huhu. What a girl!

My mum woke her up and at around 11.20 a.m, we were in the school compound. SEJAYA KL, the school where I used to teach while waiting for the posting. Some looked sad and most of them looked happy. (Surprisingly!) Haha..I could say that most of them just came to see their friends..to watch around..and also to 'cari pasal dengan org yang lalu lalang'..hihi..
There were still a few (or maybe a lot) students that came with their textbooks. Haha..baru la pandai nak gather the books and return kan! Padan muke.. Time suruh pulang tak pulang. Bile dah kene tahan results baru terhegeh-hegeh. Pulak tu datang dengan muke berlagak bawak buku2 tu.
When I saw this, it reminds me of last year PMR students. The same school, I was helping the SPBT teachers during my induction. One of student came and complained about why couldn't he receive his PMR results just because not returning the books. (Hello cik abg, buku2 tu hak kerajaan, don't you get it????) After the explanation from the teacher (who spoke so nicely and softly) the student said "ala..ni yang menyampah ni..menyusahkan betul la!" with a very loud and harshly voice. So I asked him "ape bagus sangat ke results awak sampai tak sabar2 nak ambik?" Haha. Guess what, I've got two thumbs up from the teachers. =)
Back to the topic. My sister isn't doing very well. But I knew she'd tried her best during the exams. And all of us in the family (including herself) knew that she's very capable in English and that's her strength. (and of course she get an A for the subject..haha) So no matter how many A's you've got, the bigger world is still out there..offering a lot more. I did very well in school, but I turned out to be 'just okay' in Uni. (but still 3 pointers okay..wink2!) My kakngah didn't perform well in school but turned out to be extremely great in college. So what does that tell us? Masing-masing ade rezeki masing-masing. =)

p/s: owh untuk yg nak tau (especially ex-sejaya kn) there are 16 students yg dapat straight A's.
Either 9 or 8 la.


  1. disebabkan result pmr ko yg bagus tu la kite berjauhan.......... :(
    ELLE!! sbenarnye result aku yg terok..wek2!

  2. haha..ala..rezeki masing2 ar..kat uia ko ok ape..