Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Gonna be my bestfriend after this

Goodie bag for today's meeting

Today I had my first staff meeting for 2009. The programs were a 'little' taklimat..and another taklimat..and another taklimat..wahaha..Okay2..The first one was from pentadbir. The second one for evening session teachers regarding the Orientation Day for Form 1 on Saturday, Jan 3rd. And the last one was meeting with panitia masing2. But which panitia am I in? Tadaa.......

I'm gonna teach these....
- Pendidikan Islam Form 1 - 3 classes combined
- Pendidikan Islam Form 2 - 6 classes (2 groups, 3 classes each)
- BM Form 1 - 1 class (my own class)
- Sejarah Form 1 - 1 class (also the class of my own)
[I'm the most adequate teacher to be the form teacher for that particular class because I teach them 3 subjects! Pergh!]

What else that had been assigned to me?
- Form teacher for 1Efektif (5th class from 13 tau! haha)
- Pen. S.U for jawatankuasa Dewan (I love that post! huhu..seriously!)
- AJK SPBT (Still remember what SPBT stands for? haha..skim pinjaman buku teks!)

And do you realize something by reading my list of subjects?
I'm gonna be an USTAZAH la..huhu..

Actually I was kinda shocked coz I'd been given Pend. Islam as my 'major' subject of teaching. As far as I'm concern, ONLY those with Sijil Agama that CAN teach that subject. The schools that I went to before this, all were having problems about filling the emptiness of panitia agama. Neither guru ganti nor guru sandaran can fulfil that. Even during posting, guru2 agama are being separated from other teachers from the beginning because that panitia is put under Jabatan Pend. Islam.

Now, can anybody please explain..macam mane I boleh 'terlepas' mengajar PI. But to be honest, I was happy that I got the subject though. haha. Daripada ajar sejarah banyak2 baikla PI. I'm thinking about doing Diploma and Master in Pengajian Islam la pulak..

So NAD..what about that? haha. 'budak kisas' huh.. =P
'budak uia'..'to the left, to the left'...gimme way darl..!


  1. hahahaha....welcome my new ustazah..heheh..c0ngrats!! at least all da subjects are quite easier to b learn compared to other mengarot subjek la kan..for me maybe u shud further ur study A.S.A.P so dat u'll b able to teach all da sciences patot antar my babies to ur "religious" class?? :)

  2. What the ....???????
    there's nothing mengarot as history!