Saturday, February 7, 2009

::First CRY::

Huhu..Finally air mataku tumpah jua. Haha..actually i always cry in the middle of conflict. I know it couldn't solve the problem but at least it could minimize my stress level.

So what actually happened? Erm..I entered 2J for the first time on Thursday. The day before, I'd inform the students.."Esok semua bawa kertas lukisan. Kalau tak bawa, saya akan bagi kertas and awak akan melukis di koridor" So on Thursday, EVERYBODY brought their kertas lukisan. After they finished copying notes, I explained a little bit about WARNA and told them what they had to do.

After a few SECONDS they started to do what i asked them to do. SURPRISINGLY everybody were drawing and EVERBODY WERE TALKING AND YELLING TOO!!!!!!!!!!

"Woi, asal ko amek colour aku!"

"Woi bak la balik pensel aku!"

"Cikgu!! Dia ambik kertas saya!"

"Wei korang diamlah!"

and a lot more.. pergh!!!!!!!!! BISING SIOT! I was losing my mind at that moment.

Suddenly teacher who was teaching at the next class came and warned the students.

"Kenapa awak tak hormat dengan guru di depan awak? K.U.R.A.N.G A.JA.R"

"Atiqah, kalau diorang bising lagi bawa turun pada Pn Chen ya"

But the SILENT MODE just maintained for about 4 minutes. Then all the talking and yelling took place..again. I tried my best to tune down their voices but I failed.

The next thing I knew was Pn Irine came "visiting" me and the students. She even warned them AGAIN.
"OMG. If Irine ni da naik matila aku"

When the lesson finished, the bell rang telling it was time to go back. 6.40 pm. I felt extremely sad, having the taught that I FAILED to control the class. Just been there without even SUCCEED to bring the students into SILENCE.
When I saw my friend Ima at bilik guru I broke down into tears. Told her how USELESS myself had been.
And the news now spread out. HUHU. =(

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