Saturday, February 7, 2009

::Kasihan 2J::

On Friday..semua students 2J kena rotan. Actually I felt guilty. It wasn't actually their fault. I cried because I felt bad about myself. Not them. I could understand that they are used to that yelling style of talking. And they have to realize that I'm teaching SENI! It's not that they were talking while I'm teaching. It WAS NOT! They talked while they were doing the task I HANDED to them.

They are KIDS. We can't ask them to STOP TALKING. Diorang bukan bisu. IF diorang bercakap masa explanation tu ye lah salah. But they DID NOT. So prinsip yg mengatakan P&P itu hanya berjaya bila kelas tu senyap ialah SALAH. Don't they know the latest approach-STUDENTS CENTERED LEARNING..? Students do the talking. So how could we say the P&P the class need to MUTE? YOU tell ME.

So what i'm trying to say is, it wasn't 100% 2J's fault. But THEY really need to learn some manners. Cakap tak payah menengking-nengking. Orang sebelah2 ada telinga yang cukup untuk mendengar. And for us-teachers, we had to master the ART of timing too. There's time to keep quiet and there's still time for the kids to talk. (, not yell..haha)

And ME? I really need to learn a lot MORE. Thanx for the SUPPORTS from THOSE WHO CARED. =)

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