Friday, February 20, 2009


School is all I’ve got right now. Pagi petang pergi sekolah. Sekarang dah serahkan seluruh jiwa raga kepada sekolah. Haha. I love my job even though it could be stressful sometimes. I just finished compiling the exam papers (BM Tingkatan 1 Paper 1). Penat tau nak stapler benda alah tu! =P

Now I’m focusing on mengejar syllabus BM untuk Tingkatan 1D. I just took over the class from whoever it is. The moment I entered the class for the first time, they never learn anything yet! Huhu. Jenuh la aku..But luckily the students are quite achievable so I can rush things a little bit.

As for the other classes, P&Ps going quite well except for 2J. Haha. Actually they are okay but Pn Irine still insisting on making the class SILENT. Sorry but I can’t do that. They don’t born with a zip on their mouth and they are KIDS. =) Gaining respect from them is such a big RAHMAT for me. I couldn’t ask for more.

[Allow some constructive noise in the classroom. Noise can actually help settle down restless students. Dr. Harlen Hensen of the University of Minnesota explains, “Good noise means learning. Bad noise means the children are out of control. No noise means adults don’t understand the nature of children”]

First lesson dulu I could say it was OUT-OF-CONTROL..haha..but the next one was much better. =)

Last but not least, right now, I miss my family! Haha. The loads of work restrained me from going back last weekends. Saya rindu nak bergaduh dengan the little Hanis! Huhu. But anyways, I’m gonna head home this Friday. No matter what! Haha.

Okay, that’s all for now. I’m just wanna let you know that I’m doing fine. =) Memangla ada sedikit rasa pissed off but nak bersedih-sedih rasa macam tak berbaloi la kn? In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life : It goes on. ;-)

[Life is like a beautiful melody, only the lyrics are messed up]

p/s : See, I moved on kan?? ;-)


  1. Congratulation on moving on hun!
    I might not have any clue what's been going on but I know u could brace yourself against anything becoz u've got the' girl power' in u.

    I wish we could chitchat about life together. I'm sure there's a lot for us to share kan?

    Have a good weekend n kirim salam kat uncle and auntie for me =)

  2. heheh..thanz a lot dina! Girl power huh?!