Tuesday, April 28, 2009


There’s someone I met recently. Someone I could call a friend. A nice one I supposed. Hehe. He always gives advices and helped me out through tough times. And surprisingly, I listened to him. =P (My buddies know how stubborn I am and how difficult it’s gonna be for someone to counsel me) Erm..maybe it’s due to respect. =) The very first thing that impressed me was his passion in teaching (erm..besides football..haha). It’s not that I never see any passionate teachers before..but he’s a guy..and he’s still young..so I could say he succeed in making me overwhelmed. ;P Since then, I realized, we could be good friends. I’ve seen in him such indomitable courage and heart, a guy anyone could be proud to call him friend. “I hope life treat him KIND, And I hope he’ll has all he dreamed of, And I’m wishing him JOY and HAPPINESS.”

That’s all I could write about him for now.

Owh..who is HE?

p/s : You, jangan menangis terharu pulak. Haha. Nak tau sangat kan? Itu je la sy bleh story kat sini. Thanx for being my all-weather friend! ;-)


  1. hahaha....takde pape la dina. Just a brand new friend. ;P

  2. "you" ??????
    ko buat aku tersengih + gelak + tepok dahi!!!!