Friday, April 10, 2009

::The boys I missed::

Red and Black - KE's colours

It had been a year since we separated. I missed them until I found the chance to see them back last Sunday. Wah! Sure tertanye2 ni.. "sape la pulak yg si tqah rindu sgt nih.." They're my students during practicum practice in Taiping - SMK King Edward yang macho! Why I said macho..because it's a boys' school. hehehe.... =P

The school's known for their great achievement in sports especially RUGBY. Masa praktikal dok asyik tengok depa main sampai jatuh hati with the game. So last weekend the boys asked me to come and watch they play here - in kL..(padang Victoria). Maka lepaslah sudah rinduku melihat King Edward's TIGERS.
Looking forward to see the rest of them. =)


  1. anyway, hv u found this particular ONE boy (err guy) you are looking for? ;)