Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wajib tonton...or else, don't forgive yourself! haha

The part where know...cried.. ;P

I almost reached his sadness.. =(


I have no regret for being addicted to Yasmin's movies. It's SO true that whatever comes from the heart, touches the heart. At least, it touched mine. =)
OMG..Am I being jiwang here?? haha.. Whatever!


  1. jiwang?? no u're not beb!! weh..aku nak tgk cite tue.. tp x de peneman ar..u noe i love yasmin's buah tgn also kan?

    i'll watch it dear..soon...........

  2. Haha..kesiannye..babe! takkan kt melaka tu takde kawan nk ajak tgk movie kot..susahla i kalo nk nk kene g sane teman u! ngengenge....