Sunday, May 10, 2009

:: A Bestfriend, A Companion, A Mother ::

And the list continues........

That’s how I describe my mum. Pn Jamaliah Ghazali. She’s the biggest part of my life. She’s the reason why I become a teacher. I was inspired by her enthusiasm in teaching. When I was young, I always thought that she loved her students more than her own kids. Her students always come to our house (I really mean ALWAYS..haha..) and she loves to cook for them. Last year, her first version students finally found her after a 10-year-searching-mission. Haha. And they are OLD! Ngengenge. Yelah, they were her students when she was 23! And they were form five students in St John, KL. Actually they kept in touch until we moved from Seremban to Penang. So during the reunion with the boys (erm...I mean men..haha) they were like..erm..41?? Euw!!! I was amazed at that time.

We share a lot of things in common. So I always say “ha..tu mama la punye pasal..sbb genetik yg mama turunkan tu la kaklong mcm tu” about a lot of things. I really want to be like her, especially in teaching profession. Last 3 years she was called for an interview at JPWP, which she didn’t know what for. After she came back she told me, “kaklong tau interview tu untuk ape? Diorang nak lantik mama jadi PK. Kalau tau tak payah buang mase mama pegi. Jangan harap la mama nak naik admin.” Well..that’s my mum. All she wanna do is teaching. She doesn’t want any other position which can diminish her teaching periods. So she just a Ketua Panitia yang mengajar macam guru biasa, 24-26 periods a week. Tambah boleh, kurang jangan. Tu prinsip dia. And that’s one thing I can’t figure out till now. Where in the world she got that fondness? How could she enjoy teaching so much?


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  1. huhuh.....
    sadis la plak baca dis post..
    epi moher's day acik!!!!

    ur mom n my mom are da same...
    da different is, aku x same mcm ko yg bersemangat waja tuk jd seorg cikgu..

    all da best in ur teaching nek!!
    jdkan ur mom da best idol ever!!