Monday, May 25, 2009

::Me being ME::

I think eventually we learn to define happiness for ourselves in our own terms, in spite of the pain people have caused us.

Thanks to my extra-supportive friends! Sayyyang korang!!
Nad : Menghitung hari nk jumpe kau ni!!! haha
Dina : Happy that i shared with you too! Rase mcm dekaaattt je. =P
Ammir : Thanx a lot for spending time layan org emo. ;-P


  1. you are most welcomed my dear. i really wish i cud meet u again. =D

  2. tq a lot dat day k....
    sory klu ade yg menyusahkan ko...
    (sure aku kene tumbok dgn ko klu aku kat dpan ko now nie.. :p )

    ko stay happy ek...
    p/s: i admire ur laptop la!!!