Thursday, May 7, 2009

::A Question From A Friend::

Yesterday I had a little chat with my housemate. She suddenly asked me this, “Boring tak takde boyfriend?” and I was like..dazed. Because I just realized that sometimes, not having one can be quite unexciting and the most important point is, uninspiring. Haha.

Actually masa ada bf dulu pun, kitorang bukan jenis fact JARANG sgt pun berjumpa..But I knew he was always there. So whenever I need someone to disrupt (hehe) I knew I had him. Whenever I couldn’t sleep at night, I knew I owned a free-access to bother someone who didn’t usually sleep at night. Ngengenge. I don’t possess that anymore.

So how did I react to my housemate? I said “boring jugak kadang2 sebab dah takde orang nak mengacau dan dikacau. Hihi” Other than that, being single is cool. Lagipun, saham makin naik. HAHA. =P

1 comment:

  1. saham naik ek?
    gud 4 u...

    nek, being wif someone, is a very2 best feeling..
    being alone, is a very2 bad feeling..
    tho sometimes in btw of these two things, ko sure akan rase "kan bagus if aku sengsorang je?"..

    but trust me, bile ko dah alone, sure ko akan nak to b wif someone..
    as wat had happen now, go ahead wif ur life..
    no more turning back....

    da moment will come, dear buddy.......
    trust me......