Thursday, January 1, 2009


Do I really have to read this. OMG!

I love literature. =)

Did I mention yet, I have to write my lesson plan
in JAWI for this subject. =)

"I love reading..VERY2 much..When I was a scholar, I read Ahadiat Akashah's..His writings were so pure and original. After that, I started to read books published by Alaf 21..Then time flies and I stop reading malay novels for quite a long time..until I met Habiburrahman eL Shirazy's books. (You REALLY have to read his) When I stopped reading Malay novels, actually I fell in love with books written by Cecilia Ahern, Susan Lewis and Jodi Picoult. And still, I'm reading their books."

Why all of a sudden I wrote about books?? Haha..Actually just now I went to Minerva bookstore. Searching for revision books for the subjects I'll be teaching. I'm totally forget EVERYTHING about the syllabus. So I have..what..3 days to study THAT everything that had lost from my cute little brain. haha. Walaupun I 'besar kepala'. ;P

Okay, before I go, I just want you to know that I'm moving to Shah Alam tomorrow. So I can't keep updating the blog soon, since my laptop 'can be thrown into the sungai already'. The hard disk had completely damaged. (I'm using my kakngah's now) I'll try to figure out about this ASAP k. Don't miss me! =P

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009! Wishing you a new year wrapped in happiness and warmed by the love of family and friends (that including ME). =)


  1. i can help u read da history book.......:)
    i really love history!