Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Will The Real 'Bahari' Please Stand Up

(Taken from Daily Planet Bumper Edition, KISAS 2002)

Since the heat is rising, everybody seems wanting to claim the extra glamorous life of a Bahari. In search of the real Bahari, would the real Bahari please stand up?

He is an outstanding boy with an even more outstanding personality and looks (this I can not leave out or he will be really disappointed since he is, according to someone is very 'stylish'!!). Nobody can dismissed him as being ordinary with his distinctive features of a professional clown. You might wonder if he is an escapee from Cirque de Solei! He is never without his special, trendy, bluespectacles - he is indeed a rare personality. Endangered, even.

He is confident. Nothing can brings him down. His level of self-appreciation is way out of this world! Give him a thesis statement, main points, supporting points, elaborations, analogies and examples to shake his stand. He will not budge from believing that he is somehow God's finest creation, blessed with wit, intelligence, patience, determination and will. To some extent you might believe him but there's always something you call courtesy when you deal with sensitive human beings - you tell them what they want to hear!

He is interesting. You can identify him because he is the sole person who can make people laugh just by picturing him in our mind. He has the ability to light up people's life - despite the fact that some of us need not that since we are wonderful people ourselves!! Still, he works hard at it!

With these little, insufficient information (we need the whole year to describe him!) I really hope that the real Bahari will come to the surface...


Okay, this is from me - Who wrote this?? was anonymous.


  1. salam..seriously malam tadi pun aku terjumpa daily planet ni masa kemas2 buku. what a coincidence!

  2. haha..aku mmg dok tengok manjang benda alah tu. adik aku suke sgt bace. hmpir tiap2 mlm b4 tdo die bace.

  3. mmg tak tahan baca sebelum tido tu..aku ada yg bumper edition je.yg lain mana pegi ntah.owh i miss school time!

  4. oh oh! artikel ni ke? adoi...klo dilihat dgn sorotan ke belakang, artikel ni boleh dikategorikan sebagai menyerang peribadi...ataupun character assassination.

    but it was fun while it lasted. bukan senang nak mintak cikgu buat artikel pasal pelajar dia kn? ;)