Sunday, January 25, 2009

10 things that WILL make me happy =)

okay Nad..these are MY 10 things..

1. GOD
pray and mengaji..will make me calm, relax and happy

mama & abah..whatever happen, i know they'll always be there for me

3. my Siblings
kakngah who always be my shopping-partner,
huda & yam who are too crazy to get angry with,
hanis who's my teman-gaduh,
aid & usop as the extras..haha.
Although they are sometimes annoying..huhu..but, whatever..
they are my "air-yang-dicincang-takkan-putus"


(a) Nad who'd been my backbone through any kinda situation

(b) especially Masz - we had GREW UP together in Penang.
Did so many crazy things out there. haha.

5. my Job
teaching profession. I'm lovin' it! How tough it will always make me happy

6. my Students

(a) 1A,1B,1E,2C,2D and 2J 2009..SMK Bandar Sunway..
they are my first-official-students..
most of the time they put a lot of stress on me.
but teaching and knowing them are the best things ever happen in my life.
and thinking about them will make me smile. =)

(b) 1Lambda, 1Delta and 2Beta 2008..SMK King Edward..
my first-unofficial-practical-students.
These BOYS made me crazy.
But now that they still remember me, I'm happy to be their teacher once.

(c) 1Cekal, 1A3, 1A5 and 4Cekal 2008..SMK Segambut Jaya..

7. Music
listening to beautiful songs make me feel alive

8. Food
haha..i eat when I stress out

9. NEAT and nice House
rumahku syurgaku kn?? huhu. I love decorating and cleaning my house..

stress-relieved activities

10. Shopping
owh my God..this one SURELY makes me happy! haha

All right, those are my 10 fav things at THIS moment. Realized what's missing there? Yup..that one just makes me miserable right don't bother to include THAT in my list.


  1. weh..
    sayu nye lagu2 yg ko post nie..
    hmm....even ko lost 1 thing, still d other 9 things akan alwiz make u hepi kan..

  2. err..ade correction sket. my students in smk bandar sunway tu.. the 2J supposed to be 2I. Either the 2J will be in my make-me-happy list or not, we'll check it out after CNY. =)