Saturday, January 24, 2009

::New Timetable::

I started to love my life and my profession when i was given a brand new timetable. Uwaa!!!!!! They took out my 12 period of Pend. Islam and gave me 3 classes of Pend. Seni and another Sejarah class instead! What the ..... ???!!!!

Penyelia Petang, Pn Irene even said "ini cikgu yang attitude nye sangat baik, terima saja apa subjek pun" while she handed the new timetable to me. [dalam hati aku berkata-kata, is there any options for me NOT TO ACCEPT the timetable?? Exactly, NO.]

So now I'm officially have identity NO MORE. The thing is, I have to teach 2J, which was previously failed-to-teach-agama class. After this class had been separated from 2I, I could teach 2I without any problem, showing that 2J was the source of problem. But now I have to teach Pend. Seni to 2J..Owh God, help me out.

Conclusion, now I'm gonna teach 4 subjects - BM, Agama, Seni and Sejarah. Automatically entitled me 'guru berdedikasi' there. Whatever!


  1. my dear cute lady..
    smile je le...
    bukan senang tau nak dpt dat tittle..
    free2 je ko dah digelar "guru berdedikasi"..