Thursday, January 29, 2009

::Reasons why I'd chose to live alone::

When people knew that I live in Shah Alam while family's JUST in KL, people usually got confused..yeah..since i'm not teaching in S.A pn..Sunway tu fr kL pn dkt. haha. I've my own reason alright.

1. I started to live in hostels since I was 13. Until 23 when I finished my studies. So I guess I just get used to it. Living alone.

2. Living at home with my family just SO comfortable..having everyone in the house..and it just feel like vacation. haha. So now that I'm working (it's a serious matter) I can't 'having vacation' all the time. Too safe.

3. I need to learn about life. Paying my own bills. Cleaning my own house. Cooking my own meals! haha. Itu part yang paling penting. I cook okay, but my problem is I don't like sharing kitchen so if I stayed at home, SURELY my mum will do all the cooking. Perananku cuma yang kecil-kecil aje. huhu. potong memotong dan kacau mengacau. Sampai bila betul tak?? So that I chose to 'emancipate'..hihi.. [Okay this was the problem..I'm surrounded by people that ALWAYS think that 'tak pandai masak tak boleh kawin' it freaked the hell out of me...that's why I cook all the time in S.A..besides the fact that I love to eat! ngengenge]

4. Last but not least..I just need my own space..that's all. =)


  1. aku suke dok alone..
    aku suke jln2 alone..
    aku suke 2 b alone mcm org gile...
    aku dah gile...
    aku sakit perot...
    aku nak tgk wyg....
    aku nak mkn secret recipe......

    uwwwaaaaa......aku rindu ko la!!!!

  2. hahah..miss u too!!!!!
    and nk mkn secret recipe gaks!!!!!!!!!