Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Suddenly I missed all these girls..Masz,Intan,Sara,Anim & Zima. Who are they? They're my bestfriends in campus back then.

I don't exactly remember how we met. Erm..Zima was my schoolmate (KISAS), so she was the first one I knew. (We were not friends in KISAS..haha..She said I was sombong!) Then came Masz. She was Faizah's friend. (Who's Faizah? haha..she was Zima's roommate) While Masz,Anim and Sara already knew each other. Anim and Intan pulak was roommates during orientation week. (and diorang melekat sampai practical in Taiping!) So since Masz,Anim,Intan and myself were majoring the same thing (Chemistry) so we always had classes together. So did Sara and Zima since they were both majoring in Maths. So we got close since then.

Let me describe each and every one of them..erm..

-Masz is (because she still is) the closest to me. We've the same ideas of what and where to shop and eat. We even have the same 'taste' in guys. ngengengenge. She's a good listener,pandai urut ;) and GILE!

-Intan was my balik-kL mate. She's HAPPY GO LUCKY..hardly saw sadness in her. Very bersopan santun person..haha..She uses names when talk with people. Tapi kereta die ganasssss..huhu =P

-Anim...erm...When we sat together,there will be SILENCE. huhu..What I can say bout her is she cute..has an actively moving brain too. ;)

-Sara was my King Edward mate during practical. She's TALKATIVE! haha.

-Zima..is getting married in March. Hampeh ko tinggalkan aku..Takpe2..Kite dh jnji, if aku tak start, aku akan jd penutup. huhuhu........... Zima has her own mood..she had a lot of cat-fight with sara..ee..rimas tau!!

We did SO MANY stuff together. Good and the bad ones. haha. Not bad like BAD..we were just enjoying every moments in our campus-life. We went to the library together..Eat together..Picnic and shopping together..We even ponteng kelas together! haha.. Sometimes when we were separated, people around (especially our coursemates) would ask, "mane yg lain?"..haha..c'mon la..we still got our own stuff to take care of. huhu.

Sara,Anim and Intan were my housemates in Matang during our practical. And most of the time Masz were there too! haha. (I know u missed me =P) There were weekends where Zima came by and we had the girls night outs..also a little picnic at a waterfall. So that was the last moments that we were really BE TOGETHER. God I missed those moments!

So bestfriends...Where in the world are you now???? How does life treating you? When's our next meeting? huhu..My point is..I MISS US.. =(


  1. sayu siot..
    hope kite leh kumpul time zima kawen or before yek ustazah...
    ko patut tukar wed address ni jadi 'ustazahtqah,blogspot...'

  2. eh..skg da tak brape nk ustazah la..huhu..