Wednesday, January 28, 2009

::nak tengok wayang!!!!!::

The last movie that I watched....erm..erm..God! I hardly remember..seriously..what was is???? jap2..erm..yeah! WAYANG. huh..Thank God I'm not crazy yet..I watched it with my sister. (She's a die-hard-fan of Zulhuzaimi.. =P) After that no more. Why? I was too busy jadi guru ganti.

And now I missed TGV..huhu..please la weh..anybody bring me there! My kakngah's too busy nursing at Tawakal. She's the only one cinema-partner that I've got. besides Nad..who's apparently not HERE..Blk la kL Nad oi..huhu.

Anyway, what's the latest movie?? hahah.. erm..I'm planning to watch MAUT..The promo sounds interesting especially when I heard Que Haidar's dialogue "Quran tu sape tulis?!" Huhu. Any other interesting movies coming out?? Let me know.

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